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Noble Development Group

ROLE > Designed the user interface and layout. Coded PHP, CSS, Javascript, and HTML; created custom forms, implemented the Fade Anything Technique (similar to the Yellow Fade Technique), customized photos and images. Website development maximizes search engine optimization techniques.

OBJECTIVE > Austin, TX based Noble Development Group (formerly Newman Development Group) had a clear-cut objective: produce a professional, well structured website to formally introduce them as savvy and skillfull Commercial Real Estate Developers.

RESULTS > The Noble Development Group website helps establish the company's credibility and professionalism by implementing property listings, portfolio listings, company information, and the latest company-related news, all in a clean and well structured design. Allowing tenants to make formal property maintenance requests online removes the need for a face-to-face transaction; and the implementations of the fade anything technique also greatly enhances usability. The website continues to garner attention for Noble Development Group and should attract even more tenants and investors as the business continues to grow.

Web Design
Web Development
Web Scripting
Image Creation/ Editing

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