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Bess Hummel Photography Redesign

ROLE > Designed the user interface and layout. Coded HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript, created flash presentations (photo galleries), implemented sIFR 2.0, customized photos and images.

OBJECTIVE > This Austin based photographer wanted a better way to show off her photos. She desired a site that would really make her photos the central focus of the site, essentially serving as an online portfolio of past work, rather than a more business-oriented site.

RESULTS > Implementing a simple, yet stylish, design, this local photographer's website was redesigned entirely. Making sure the photos remained the number one reason for visiting (and returning to) the site, the objective was clear from the first brainstorming session to the final product. The redesign was received extremely well by the photographer, as well as her site's visitors. Since the redesign is structurally sound, and implements search engine optimization, it has directly led to multiple photography engagements.

Web Design
Web Scripting
Flash Animation
Flash Development
Image Creation/ Editing
Web Development

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